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you for watching in great britain. here is the market close for the day, closing at 8:00 british time, 4:00 eastern time, and down day but not horrible, so do not come crying to neil cavuto, anyway. >>neil: not the dirty dozen, maybe the dirty half dozen, what could be, could be, could be a grand old party pass on a pledge, the vow never to raise taxes no how, no way, and today a way for a growing number of republicans to say, sorry, grover, it is over. that pledge we signed turns out it wasn't written in permanent ink. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and don't look now but i think americans for americans for tax reform and the zealot could be pumped. grover norquist himself on what appears to be a revolt on the
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right, half dozen republican senators would have disown add pledge that isn't feasible now including oklahoma senator coburn, arizona's john mccain, south carolina's graham, idaho's crapo, tennessee's alexander, and georgia's sam bliss. it is not that they have all become antipledge, more like, well, antisweeping pledge. particularly the party of that pledge that called for resisting any move to end any tax break. to hear georgia's chambliss, too rigid, too inflexible, noting times have changed significantly, and i care more about my country than i do about a to-year-old pledge. if so, so what now? norquist in a second, to bob on republicans increasingly happy to make grover the grinch. what do we make of this?
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what is going on? >>guest: republicans lost the election. it was about tax policy. most republicans want to get a deal they have to give something up. they will want something in run so if they bend on taxes they will want an entitlement reform, so, that is the rub, but, republicans do not want to raise the rates with you they want to eliminate the tax loopholes and bay down the debt. that would break grover's pledge. >>neil: i have the pledge, something that a lot of the guys signed on to, quite a few but what stands out is the second part of the pledge, you oppose any elimination of deductions and credits unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates. it is the tax rate stuff that will not help. what do we make of either this moment of reality, this post election come to whoever moment or what? >>guest: the democrats have been frustrated with the g.o.p.'s sticking to the pledge
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and now, president obama won a second term, it is very important that any deal they sign off on would break part of the pledge. i don't think the democrats will sign off on anything that doesn't at least violate some position of the pledge. >>neil: do you get a sense that there is something more going on that either they are trying to take on grover norquist himself, a point i will raise with grover when he comes on, or is this a little pore involved than at face value it appears? >>guest: i do think they are trying to put distance between themselves and grover and of course grover will say, the tax pledge is not to me but to the constituents and some of the senators have to wash out because chambliss and graham could face a primary challenge and grover will speak out if they do violate the tax pledge which haiti been broken yet but the question is, will it be broken by the end of december? >>neil: we will watch closely. always a pleasure. everyone has been talking about it and we thought we would talk
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to it now the storm center, a guy named grover, president of america's for tax reform, grover norquist. they do not appear to like your pledge. >>guest: well, some of the people who are being dragged out are retreads. there is nothing new about some of the senators who is said they would be open to tax hikes. remember the gang of six, three of the people that you mentioned, spent eight months sitting in a room with democrats pretending to negotiate we tax increases in return for entitlement reform and after a while even coburn had to walk out of the room and admit that they were being offered nothing but tax increases. the president's budget is nothing but tax increases. the president's negotiatorring position is nothing but tax increases and harry reid would some of the senators may want to focus their attention on has announced there is no entitlement reform, so to argue that the taxpayers should take the brunt of this battle and they should not defend taxpayers
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but the spending interests in washington, strikes me as odd. the effort by some to get entitlement reform, the democrats have said heck no and harry reid has said it ain't happening, and they ought to look at that, rather than trying to raise taxes to pay for obama's bigger government. >>neil: do you hear it is spreading? we have chatted about this before. you were open when we chatted in washington, to talk about the cliff cliff, to not equateing bringing in causes or tax loopholes and the like and closing them off, your point was as long as it leads eventually to revamping of the tax code, but this goes beyond that, they have no quid pro quo and they are offering this, you argue, what? >>guest: well, there are two ways you can damage the economy. one is to increase marginal tax rates, everyone knows the small
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business groups, it would kill 700,000 jobs off the bat, probably worse. the other thing is to eliminate $1 trillion, not talking about a few deductions, but talking about $1 trillion worth of deductions and credits which is what the other team wants. if you do this you have killed tax reform for a generation. how do you get the rates down if you don't have the deductions and credits. what obama is hoping to do is raids spend the money, kill tax reform for individuals. >>neil: what do you do, the house majority leader and others, talking increasingly about this as an option despite what you are saying, are you going to want to exact punishment on them in two years? >>guest: it is, there have been some folks whose pictures you put up there some of them have engaged in impure thoughts and they have not actually voted for a tax increase, be clear. cantor and speaker boehner have said they want revenues from
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economic growth. i want that. all americans should want that. if we were growing at reagan rates rather than obama rates with we have ten million people work asking more revenue in the coffer. let's get more rest now through growth. >>neil: does it trouble you that warren buffett disagrees with your notion this would inhibit investment in a column today he said only in grover norquist's imagination does such a response to exist? >>guest: okay, warren buffett has made a lot of money, some of it off of gaming the political system, he invests in insurance companies, and lobbies to raise the death tax which drives people to buy insurance. okay? you can get rich playing that game but it is not investing, it is playing crony politics in economics. that is a shame. he has done the same thing with green investing. same on him for gaming the system and giving money to politicians who write rules that
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make your assets go up. the real economy, if he thinks the government can take a dollar and you go do an invest or who does not have that dollar and it does not infect investment that is silly unless he lands on going to obama and getting money from a stimulus package and he considers that investment. when the government takes a dollar away from the american people or $1 trillion, that is a trillion not available to be saved and invested, and i am sorry if buffett can't see that but that is silly. >>neil: do you worry, fairly or not, you have been seen as you unique wizard of oz figure who has been able to keep republicans in lock step with your way of thinking and that with more bolting, especially prominent members boating it says something about what is ahead if you. in today's "washington post" it is put this way all it takes is a few powerful republicans to
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break the pledge and the walls come tumbleing down." if that falls, so does norquist. >>guest: we could ask president bush, george herbert walker bush how the second term went after he broke his pledge. did he damage the pledgest or did by breaking the pledge he lost a second term for the presidency because he had not kept his word with the american people because he raised taxes, and the democrats increased spending so george herbert walker bush threw the economy in a recession and could not get re-elected. >>neil: you are right, people did not forget it and took it out on him at the polls, are you saying you are a a long memory and you will remember these guys
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who turn on you? >>guest: okay, no one is turning on me. i understand why harry reid is trying to personalize it as grover. what harry reid doesn't want to say the american people do not want their taxes raised and they elect add republican congress opposed to raising taxes and harry reid is at odds with the american people. >>neil: they are looking like they are raising taxes, grover, is that a repudiation of you or recognition of the election? >>guest: the promise on the pledge is to the american people. what i have accomplished with americans for tax reform, is to make it easy, through the pledge, fowl elected officials, and candidates to credit bright commit they will not raise taxes. corker was elected because he took the learn and people thought he was too moderate and he would not made it but he made the written commitment to the people of tennessee. he would not be a senator today without the commitment f he breaks it he has to have a conversation with the people of
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tennessee about his keeping his word. the same thing with other people who are elected because they made that written commitment to the people of their state. >>neil: that sounds like a threat. >>guest: no. look. i vote in washington, dc. the people that congresser promised or chambliss promised, or graham promised, are in their state. they have not promised me anything they promised the voters of their state, they would go to washington and reform government, not raise taxes to pay for obama's bigger government. they need to focus on reforming government, not on raising taxes to pay for bigger government each year, and it is a lot of working, it is not easy, but throwing up your hands and saying, maybe i will raise taxes rather than governing, that is not the way to go. >>neil: thank you, grover. grover nor quit. from hikes to taxes to maybe, no
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until not making nice with rice, republicans chaining their tune about susan rice, from hapless white house stool on benghazi to maybe the next secretary of state. former republicans are willing to hear her out, the formicary covert operations officer mike baker, what the heck going on. you don't like what you are seeing? >>guest: well, it shows that, (a), the republicans are disorganizeed and obviously from the election results they have the inability to grasp and hold the big picture is disappointing, and they don't have the spine or the political capital at this point to push
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back, much, on susan rice's nomination and the president realizes that and he has made a calculation he will jam this one through. >>neil: there could be a method to the madness if you characterize it that way, this would force her to come forward and testify, talk to them,&how benghazi was handled or not. >>guest: well, she will be under oath, that is true, and she will is to answer questions but as the ambassador to the u.n., really, she is not a key player in all of this and that goes back to my early point about the republicans have missed the boat, they have not captured the high ground and the big picture as to explaining to the public why benghazi is so important and why it has been in the limelight. there are lots of different timelines and they will chase after every narrative the white
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house throws out and they is not stayed on message. so, yes, she will go up and have to be under oath and testify but we are not getting hillary clinton, the secretary of state, to get up there and by this time we have attention deficit disorder so i am worried this will fade away like other important issues that end up on the hills supposedly, under investigation. >>neil: but there are a number of folks who think if the administration were to push miss rice forward for secretary of state, it would be inviting acrimony but it would come at an enormous cost. do you grow? >>guest: i do, but what we are seeing is a weird school yard battle. the fact that senators john mccain and graham confronted the president and the president came out and publicly defended
1:18 pm
we ambassador rice, now you are getting in this weird shoving match where, perhaps, the president feels, as a matter of pride, he will put her forward. she is very smart person, very experienced individual, and the misstep on benghazi, on going out on the public and the sunday morning talk shows five days after the fact and claiming she narrative of the video and the spontaneous protests, she relied purely on the intelligence talking points defies belief so that part needs to be explained. again, the republicans are missing the point. the bigger issue is, how we got there in the first place and the lack of response during the course of that attack, and, again, they allow themselves to get in the weeds maybe live would not be saved. that is not the point. point is the white house needs to explain why they didn't make the effort, why wasn't there an effort to get boots on the
1:19 pm
ground. maybe lives would not have been saved but would we are is a people who try. we should have tried that should have been a fairly straightforward effort. >>neil: thank you very much, mike. sandy, from storm to agenda faster than you can say batten down the hatches environmentalists are pounceing. they should. ♪
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>>neil: and guess what is topic one at the u.n. climate control? hurricane sandy, a storm they are still cleaning up and environmentalists hope they will be clean will up there, where some countries using the storm that dislocated thousands to now redistribute wealth to the tune of billions. all in the name of climate
1:23 pm
change. our reporter says that will cost a lot more that chump change. what is going on here? >>guest: well, this is like pavlov dogs, the activists think we need more taxes and regulations to stop bad weather. this is a primitive form of science. to use hurricane sandy as a poster child for global warming as the united nations and al gore is now doing, that makes as little sense as you can possibly imagine. we are at 30 or 40 years historic lows in activity and going the longest period since the civil war since a major hurricane to hit the united states and if anything, it would prevent atlantic hurricane from making landfall and the world meet logical society said this is no evidence of hurricane footprint in human activity so fore that to be a poster child they are devoid the science, if we have quotes from globe warming activists waiting, saying we need a disaster, using
1:24 pm
words we are "cheering them" we have to wish for a lot horrid things in order to get the public alarmed like they tried to do with hurricane katrina. >>neil: the wind at their back, comments from new york governor cuomo, this is indisputable proof of dangers of community change and what happens, so, when they use american politicians to make their point, is it the next step to get more american money to rectify this point? >>guest: what they trying to do and president obama said this in his convention speech, he said it if americans can something about floods, hurricanes, droughts tornado as though the ballot box you can vote yourself better weather. or, second, they are implying we can legislate better weather much the mayor in new york said we need to take immediate action not to shore up shorelines, but to try to prevent bad weather in the future despite the impact
1:25 pm
that low co0 -- co2 hungs -- hurricanes remain much worse but the idea of a carbon tax is being floated and the idea of regulations and climate measures we could take are going to impact our weather, this is now reaching a level of the mayan calendar for science. "new york times" is calling, has a picture of the statue of liberty underwater implying we are at under times. this is not science. this is the doomsday constitute of the mayan calendar. >>neil: i never hear of anyone planning a global summit in the poconos but the summit is in boja and it is expensive to get to qatar. >>guest: i will tell you, i was in the united states in the environment and public works committee i went to bali, and
1:26 pm
africa, and kenya and my trip cost $16,000 flying in business class. these are not unexpensive things, activists usually jam up all the private jets, the runways are literally filled to capacity with private jets from people like prince charles and celebrities that any -- celebrities that jam up the exotic locations especially in the winter when they have the meetings in december. >>neil: thank you very much. >> you see more damage here, the sand in the streets on ocean avenue and if you look down here along the coast, you will see what could be a rescue helicopter and, also, homes that suffered significant damages. >>neil: that give is good, a month ago, rick was reporting on the massive hurricane sandy
1:27 pm
damage in point pleasant beach new jersey. where does it stand today? rick is right back in that spot. how does it look, rick? rick: well, it doesn't look as good as people here hoped. the wide sands hotel is still shredded by the storm. they have nut begun to to to -- not begun to restore. they restored the sand dunes but the berm is temporary and the damages extend well beyond the ocean front but we can show you the pool area is full of sand and the homes that line the beach are damaged, too, and many of those just boarded up. we have seen a lot of contractors working on the houses, and we have not seen a lot of residents because many of the homes in the low lying area got water in the houses and people still cannot move back in, they cannot get the power on, we met a woman who has power, her home was built 12 years ago, and was also higher
1:28 pm
and the water was 5" below her floor. the situation, here, is very rough. there are still piles of debris on the streets, there are heavy vehicles out here trying to clear the debris and we saw south of us a national guard check point and you are not allowed in because of the security situation unless you are a resident or contractor. four weeks to the day after we came here to ride out the storm there is still a tremendous amount of work left to be done and the damage toll in new jersey alone is estimated at more than $29 billion. >>neil: and the people who don't want to build there, they are so leery of it. rick: the woman we spoke with who is living here, today, says that all of her neighbors she has spoken with all want to rebuild and all plan to rebuild and many of them have filed for federal assistance and the latest numbers, fema has paid out $248 million in new jersey,
1:29 pm
and that is 230,000 residents would registered for acceptance and thousands of homes have not been inspected, and they are waiting for help. >>neil: thank you, rick. it is cyber monday, tell the truth, did you shown online? does that mean the recovery has a snowball's chance on hell? we are on it. ering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our exchange traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 which now have the lowest tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lipper categories. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lower than spdr tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and even lower than vanguard. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that means with schwab, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 your portfolio has tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 a better chance to grow. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and you can trade all our etfs online, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 commission-free, from your schwab account. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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>>neil: this could be turning into a bummer monday for bosses with a record number of americans already clicking and buying today and many more expected as the work day continues, one in six plan diagnosis do it all from work and half expected to shop online on the job before christmas. and now, a consumer expert on why this may not be so jolly. why not? >>guest: a great day for folks to snag bagans during their online shopping. is it the best day for employers or productivity? most employers are saying it is fine to do a little bit of shopping at work. not a lot. don't waste the whole day, but it is fine to log in and get a few bargains. there is more permissiveness this year. >>neil: they don't know what going on the i have never heard my boss say, today, today, go
1:34 pm
ahead, neil. >>guest: well, because you are neil and he figures, you have come do work, i am just lucky to have you here but a third of employers polled by a staffing site said that a third of them planned to block online shopping sites down from 60 percent last year, more than half. >>neil: because they are shopping themselves. do you problem peter to pay paul? say you have a big cyber monday and people are buying online, but does that problem sales from future days when there could be just as big sales? what do you think? >>guest: absolutely not. we are seeing online shopping in general up some 300 percent especially on mobile devices so online shopping, high speed internet access, this, really, has shifted the way we are all
1:35 pm
doing our shopping these days. >>neil: they are doing it because of the crowds. this is why they doing it. the crowds are incredible. hell is paveed in a shopping mall. >>guest: i could not agree more. >>neil: this isn't close to crowded or what it is like. i am just saying the people lock at that and they say, i will do it, if my pajamas at home or at work. >>guest: well, yes, and retailers are really smart, they have wisened up, and retailers are also data mining. they are in this holiday season's arms race and it is the cyber take on the classic business strategy, really making up if lower prices with the higher volume of sales and while they are doing this, they are will mining data, so, this is a way they can figure out, wait, what is that price sweet spot to
1:36 pm
lure you in, not only today but for the rest of the year. if they win you today they have won you for the future so there 10 lot of business strategy going on that has to do with the online shopping that we have not seen before. >>neil: thank you, jennifer, i remind viewers there are never lines online or in physical malls at the meat can cheese distributors a helpful hadn't as i get into my annual shopping tips and hints. something that could make you sick, guess who is snooping while you are shopping? security expert on who could be snooping. >> bad guys. this is their time of year. they are online, setting up fake websites creating malicious applications, and they are trying to get your credit card information. >>neil: how do you avoid this sort of thing? the fake websites that lack --
1:37 pm
look so real? >>guest: the best think is to shop where you know you trust, go to webs that you have done business with before and your favorites menu, and be careful in search, if you search up products and services and unfamiliar websites you could get your credit card information to this fly-by-night website. and make sure your p.c. is secure with a firewall and be careful of mobile elections and where you get them from, and check your credit card statements. you have to look at the credit cart statements each week this time of year and refute any unauthorized charges in two billing crisises or you pay for the christmas an identity thief. >>neil: if you are on a social site or the other popular blog sites that allow you to shop, that's where they can do what? retrieve anything you send? what do they do?
1:38 pm
>>guest: on social media sites, they set up fake pages and the fake pages are designed to either get you to click links to enter information for a quiz or a contest or to get a discount and when you click the links you will infect your page and you can infect your device, your p.c. or mobile and they gather your personal information, they could compromise your p.c. and so, when you see the status update taxpayer look to be too good to be true, ignore them. >>neil: what about the amazons or the walmarts and e-bays where the chances of being hacked appear to be smaller. what do you think of that? >>guest: great question. i shot at all those sites and you should but, again, pay attention to your estimates. those sites spend millions on security. they have, they have done their
1:39 pm
due diligence with the professionals and security software to make sure they are security and as long as you are shopping where it says http/s it is generally secure but check your statements. >>neil: wise advise, all, thank you. walmart workers blasting the retailer for opening the door thanksgiving night if that doesn't get the adequate response, maybe, maybe, maybe using this bangladesh fire to blast the retailer will. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>>neil: at least 112 confirmed dead in the huge bengladesh factory fire that may only have been a tragic footnote not we learned this, they made a lot of
1:43 pm
stuff for a number of united states brands including walmart. then, then, then, it became not just a tragedy but for a lot of walmart haters, it is a cause. charles payne is not surprised. charles? >> i have to tell you, if many ways it is despicable. it is a serious tragedy, in new york we have the triangle shirt waist factory in 1911. the doors were chained, the workers and the conditions, it was a horrible time, but it was 100 years ago and unions having this boycott against walmart last week during black friday, thanksgiving, an absolute abysmal failure on their part and this was sort of i guess manna from heaven. walmart has 2.1 million employees. they have been a god send to
1:44 pm
local communities people would work there and have access to the american dream, and this sort of trying to browbeat these guys has backfired dramatically but to pick up on this tragedy is, really, desperation. >>neil: leaving aside that a number of united states businesses had interests and products made for them at the same felt. we tried to reach out for walmart to talk about and they provide add statement which i quote. "our thoughts with the families of the victims of the tragedy, fire safety is a critically important area of walmart factory program and we have been working to improve foyer safety, education, and training in bangladesh" but it will feed the argument nose who rely on chief labor for chief goods they offer, this is the price. >>guest: it will, it will, but, it is tragic. i don't think something lick this will happen again.
1:45 pm
don't think the people in bangladesh who perished didn't want or need the jobs, as well. we like to victimize everyone in this country particularly for the for-profit motivation which is insulted, but it is a tragedy but i think it is a stretch, an amazing stretch to pin this on walmart but, of course, the unions in this country are desperate. >>neil: leaving aside that walmart has discontinued relations with 55 factories in that area that had questionable working conditions. and in many other of these facilities. i wonder where it goes if you can seize on this as proof that walmart is a google by man, -- a boogie man. >>guest: it will not stop h is a giant prize for unions and for those who are anticapitalism, and antiprofit motivation, and they have the wind in their sails and if it is not this it
1:46 pm
will be something else. i cannot thing of a worse target. walmart had problems but they have come a long way. they will continue to improve. i am here as something of a spokesman for capitalism and the american dream and for a lot of people this is a step in the right direction. the powers that be get a hold of walmart, i look at what happened to the auto industry, the airline industry, the trucking industry, our education industry, i don't want unions to get a hold of walmart because i have been to areas in alabama where they are thankful they can go to walmart to work and feed their kids. if you hurt these people, it is a travesty. >>neil: weight wanters is telling -- weight watchers is
1:47 pm
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>>neil: the only way to shed the pounds and keep them off and to hear weight watchers c.e.o. tell washington, dc, it is the only way to cut a deal. thank you for joining us. why would we have weight watchers, be so fired up about washington, dc, getting its act today? >>guest: like a lot of people, because problems have to start getting solved. we have suffered through our political season. it is going. it is behind us. the hope that everyone has is that people are going do come
1:51 pm
together and work on problems and doing their jobs. >>neil: what if they don't? >>guest: i have two concerns as, do, frankly most c.e.o.'s. should we tumble over the fiscal cliff, the concerns are the impact that will have first and for most on the consumer. i saw it could take $200 billion out of the consumer evidence that is bad. taxes will be jacked up and membership less and a bunch of bad second --. >>neil: what if it is a deal it is disproportional tax hikes. >>guest: the question would, whose income is affected? who is seeing the faction hikes? are those the people that are spending money on day-to-day stuff? >>neil: so, a hike on the well to do would have less impact, is limited to the well-to-do than everyone, right? >>guest: for most consumer
1:52 pm
facing companies, they would say, yes, that is probably true. the effect that has on the long term in terms of capital formation is different, but if you are asking, short, short-term, macroeconomic effect, that is what is first and foremost and the other thing is our health care system is broken. >>neil: in your business that is more paramount. >>guest: we fowl we can be part of the solution to that because things like obesity are significant drivers of chronic disease and we have a solution that can drive against it. >>neil: but your customers fear the tax hikes and the added cost associated with this. >>guest: that is right. i amerred would about the short term but i am optimistic great minds can get together and reconstruct health care in a way. >>neil: have you been to washington, dc?
1:53 pm
and seen this? >>guest: look how young i am. >>neil: you are confident the fiscal cliff can be done and the health care thing can work out to an advantage? >>guest: health care is tougher because it is fundamentally going from a fee-for-service word -- world, to where you have doctors and patients coming together to have care delivered and be purchased in a much better way that prevents disease and encourages people to adopt better habits and behaviors and everything else that drives against diabetes which are driving the health care costs let alone the rampant inefficiencies in health care delivery. we watching premiums as a company going up double digits most years. that is a problem. >>neil: and this is weight watchers c.e.o., and he does not have a weight problem. egg had one. had one. had one. >>neil: that is regrettable.
1:54 pm
>> are democrats setting a trap for republicans on taxes? you fi. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and a santa to boot! [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer. oh...sorry about that. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card
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>> neil: well, be careful what you wish for, republicans. you might get it. you have been so insistent that tax rates on wealthy not be raised you're likely to settle for a deal that likely raises them more because of what you are offering in return. limit on deductions and special breaks. that i think will raise taxes more than reverting to the clinton era rates. here is why. let's say you limit wealthier taxpayers write-offs who make $50,000. that is the figure. $50,000. not that the richer filers are enjoying for years. you don't have to be a 250,000 cup to see where the grand
1:58 pm
math is going. richer, nowhere fast. at a minimum, the effective tax rate jumps beyond the clinton rate of 39.6%. limiting deductions to that degree could jack it up to 45%. i am not including new taxes like the 3.8% surtax that top bracketeers are going to fork over to pay for the new healthcare law, to say nothing of higher gain and dividend rates. a top federal rate that climbs to 55%. when you throw in the higher state taxes in cities and states promising millionaire tax hikes, not just affecting if millionaires. that brings us to 60%. that is 15 points higher. this isn't specious math. this is logical math. courtesy of the republican strategy hellbent on ignoring that for fear of getting it on
1:59 pm
rates. the republicans risk being snookered by the democrats who know the opponent's number. blinded in the grand old quest to keep rates moving up, they don't see the other side just taken them to cleaners. we are going to debate this tonight. you can watch other choices. but you can still watch him and watch me. i am a nice appetizer then. that's how i look at it. appetizer. if you did online shopping i'd be a good buy. you know a lot about the cyber bye. >> demand it! >> no. >> you were shopping. >> i was not. not doing anything. >> you were. >> was not. >> that is a laptop.

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